14 May 2023

St. Regis Hotel, Astana

The past month's most-watched Youtube chess videos were dominated by the World Championship taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan. On my short list for this post I had a few interesting videos on the event, but decided to feature this one from ChessBase India. Good background is always in short supply.

A Complete Tour of the World Chess Championship 2023 Venue | The St. Regis Astana (9:09) • '[Published on] Apr 27, 2023'

The description said,

We give you a complete tour of the wonderful venue of the World Chess Championship 2023. Set at one of the most stunning locations in Astana, the St. Regis Hotel is hosting one the most intense World championship in recent times. Watch the tour and enjoy the entire venue.

As for other WCC videos from Astana, I'll feature these on my World Chess Championship Blog, label C30: 2021-22. 'C30' is my shorthand code for the current WCC cycle, the 30th in FIDE's history.

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