12 June 2023

TCEC FRC6, CCC20 Rapid; Stockfish Wins Both

It's time for another fortnightly report on the world's top two engine vs. engine chess competitions. For the previous report, see TCEC FRC6, CCC20 Rapid Finals; Both Underway (May 2023). Following is a summary of that report.

TCEC: The site launched a chess960 event, 'S24 FRC6', which is currently in the 'First phase - League C', the third of four preliminary six-engine double round robins. • CCC: The engine Mystery played five 100-game matches, In the 'CCC20 Rapid Challenger Match' Lc0 beat Dragon 129.5-120.5, and is currently losing to Stockfish by seven points in the 'Finals' after a little more than a quarter of the 250 games have been played.

Since then the TCEC FRC6 event has morphed into the DFRC2, and the CCC Rapid has morphed into the Bullet. Same old, same old? With Stockfish continuing to win everything in sight, it sure seems that way.

TCEC: In the 'S24 FRC6 Final', Stockfish beat LCZero +15-12=23. The site then organized 'S24 DFRC2', which has reached 'League 1', the third of four stages. For more about the event, see TCEC DFRC 2 (wiki.chessdom.org), and TCEC DFRC rules (ditto). The rules state,

The TCEC DFRC is a progressive leagues knockout format played in TCEC, including all invited qualifying participants. The qualifying engines consist of the top engines able to play Double Fischer Random Chess natively under Linux.

For the previous TCEC iterations of FRC6 and DFRC2 on this blog, see Stockfish Wins TCEC FRC5, Leads CCC18 Rapid Semifinal (August 2022), and Stockfish Wins TCEC DFRC1, Leads CCC18 Rapid Final (August 2022). I'll have more to say about the more recent iterations on my chess960 blog, which is linked on the sidebar.

CCC: In the 'CCC20 Rapid Finals', Stockfish crushed Lc0 143.0-107.0. The Fish then crushed the Mystery engine 67.0-33.0, losing only three games along the way. The site then launched the 'CCC20 Bullet Entry League'. For the previous CCC iteration of its Bullet event, see LCZero Wins TCEC Cup 11; Stockfish Wins CCC19 Bullet (January 2023).

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero; Dragon = KomodoDragon]

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