17 December 2023

Alice++ Again

The previous Flickr post, AI Chess Comics (November 2023), mentioned, '"Alice" is a recurring theme in chess art.' How does that relate to the next Flickr image?

Floating chess © Flickr user Jaci XIV under Creative Commons.

The description said,

Created for: Digitalmania Group
After: Vladimir Kush
Created for the Magnificent Manipulated Masterpieces
172st MMM "Chess game" Challenge

That leads in a couple of new directions. The first direction is a forum for a Flickr group, New challenge 172 ~ Chess game | Magnificent Manipulated Masterpieces (flickr.com/groups), which starts,

For our December challenge, we chose the theme CHESS GAME. This game, which in itself challenges our mind, stimulates our creativity and provides us with pleasant entertainment. From children to the elderly, from kings to soldiers, this game has served as inspiration. Your entry could be realistic, surrealist, abstract, it could be a collage, mail art etc.

The introduction uses the 'Floating chess' image, after which there have been added original works of chess art (currently 22).

The second direction leads to CHESS - Giclee on Canvas (kushfineart.com), which features a well known chess image for sale. Its description starts,

In Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice journeys to Wonderland? Where straight streams run across the land and living fences separate the space between the streams into equal squares. “In my opinion, Wonderland strikingly resembles a chessboard,” said Alice. “This whole world is chess! This is one huge match!”

Once again, '"Alice" is a recurring theme in chess art'. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

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