19 November 2023

AI Chess Comics

I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to see more 'AI generated chess images' in the monthly featured Flickr post. The previous post featuring such images was Karpov and Kasparov Play Chess in Iceland (March 2023). Forget chess images; a giant leap forward is 'AI generated chess comics'.

Alice and the Chess Queen 5 © Flickr user Joerg Kantel under Creative Commons.

The series of six composite images -- OK, comics, of which this is no.5 -- had two tags:-

  • 'Alice', and
  • 'AI Comic Factory'

'Alice' is a recurring theme in chess art. See, for example, There's Something About Alice (October 2010). To understand 'AI Comic Factory', it helps to have visited the home page AI Comic Factory (aicomicfactory.com; 'AI Comic Book Generator Online Free'). There we learn,

Create stunning comics without drawing skills using our cutting-edge AI Comic Generator. Bring Your comic dreams to life with AI creativity.

With that in mind, the description for the the image makes more sense:-

AI Comic Factory • Style: Franco-Belgian

Prompt 1: The chess queen and little girl Alice running a red-white bricked road through a beautiful landscape with a river and a village in the background.

Prompt 2: Human-sized middle-aged chess queen, made from ivory, full body, wearing a red crown. little girl Alice, blue eyes, long blonde hair with pigtails, blue coat, white apron.

You sometimes hear it said, 'Everyone has a book in them'. Maybe there's a comic as well.

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