18 December 2008

Chess Blog Carnival

When I saw the announcement of the next chess blog carnival, on www.jacklemoine.com and on www.chessusa.net, my first reaction was to ignore it. As the announcement says, 'A year ago, I attempted to start a regular outing but I fell flat.' Why spend time on something that its creator is downplaying?

When I later saw that at least one other good blog would be participating, jimwestonchess.blogspot.com, I changed my mind. This will only succeed if enough people take it seriously and it takes very little effort to participate.

I even went as far as flagging the event to Chess.com bloggers: Next Chess Blog Carnival. A look at Top Bloggers - Last 60 Days will confirm that there are some great blogs on Chess.com. (I just noticed that my Chess.com blog is currently last on that list. It must have been because of my carnival post!)

Details about the chess carnival are on Blog Carnival - Chess Carnival. If you have a chess blog and think it's not for you, think again.

1 comment:

Robert Pearson said...

Thanks much for pointing it out, I'll join in!