07 December 2008

Knight Owl

From 'Chess Treasury of the Air' edited by Terence Tiller:-

'Chigorin', [Mieses] said, 'was very punctiliously set in his habits. Quite pedantic about his mealtimes: breakfast at eight, lunch at twelve, and dinner at seven. Never varied it. Which meant of course' -- so he added with a chuckle -- 'that Chigorin had breakfast at 8 PM, lunch at midnight, and dinner at 7 AM.' (p.59)

I picked a copy of the book, 'a Penguin Handbook' (1966), off eBay for £1.99 plus shipping. Great value for the money; full of anecdotes about the old masters. This quote was from an essay on Jacques Mieses by Heinrich Fraenkel (aka Assiac), in a series titled 'Uncrowned Kings': Rubinstein, Schlechter, Levenfish, and Mieses.


OT: My nephew got some print space in the NY Times today...

College Radio Maintains Its Mojo

...He's third generation RPI.

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