08 December 2008

A Chess Tutorial

Continuing with Links related to my About.com material, I added a first chess tutorial: Maximize the Usefulness of Your Moves. It's an introduction to the positional principle of choosing the move that accomplishes the most.

Since my tutorials are all based on chess positions and the positions are always represented by images, I again used the Jalbum image gallery software for the underlying functionality. To differentiate between tutorials and other image galleries, like Photos from the 2005 FIDE World Championship, I used a different Jalbum skin. There are still a few design details that I'm not happy with, but I'll correct those as I can. The Jalbum software is so flexible, with several ways to accomplish the same tweak, that it's often not obvious which way is the best.

Now that I've worked out most of the technical issues around rescuing my About.com material, it's time to spend some effort on the overall look and navigation of the material. So far, I don't have many ideas about how to this.

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