15 February 2009

4th Soviet Championship (1925)

Motivated by the photo in my post on Nikolai Krylenko, I searched various sources for more Soviet chess images from the 1920s. The Fizkultura i Sport Black Books were one resource at hand, and I found the following photo in the black book on Romanovsky. It shows the participants in the 1925 Soviet championship.

Source: Peter Romanovsky (Fizkultura i Sport; 1984), p.72

Front row (left to right): Vilner, Levenfish, (Rokhlin), Gothilf, Rabinovich, Bogoljubow, Ilyin Zhenevsky, Dus Chotimirsky, Romanovsky, Sergeev, Nenarokov, Verlinsky, Rabinovich. Back row: Freiman, Sozin, (Ereteev), Grigoriev, Zubarev, Selezniev, Kaspersky, Kutuzov, (Weinstein / Vainshtein). Missing: Kubbel. • The names in parentheses were not participants in the 1925 championship -- the 4th, held in Leningrad -- and I'm not sure if my transliteration is correct.

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