03 February 2009

CCM PGN Game Scores

At the same I worked on posts related to Chess Classic Mainz -- e.g. Chess960 @ Chess Classic Mainz -- I collected all the PGN I could find that was scattered throughout the Chesstigers.de site. Here's a table of the events that I've collected so far, along with a count of the games. The names of the events are from the original files, along with a few tweaks to maintain minimum consistency.

2003:CCM03 Chess960 Open55
2003:CCM03 Chess960 Simul - Leko20
2003:CCM03 Chess960 Simul - Svidler20
2003:Chess Classic8
2004:CCM4 - FiNet Open66
2004:CCM4 - Gerling Match (Chess960 WCh)8
2005:1. Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship63
2006:CCM6 - 2. Chess960 Computer Wch90
2006:CCM6 - 5. FiNet Open87
2006:CCM6 - Chess960 Simultan19
2006:CCM6 - Chess960 Wch (Juniors)14
2006:CCM6 - Chess960 Wch (Women)8
2006:CCM6 - Clerical Medical Chess960 Wch8
2006:CCM6 - Livingston 'Man versus Machine'4
2006:CCM6 - Tiebreak Chess960 Wch (Seniors)2
2007:1. Mini-FiNet Open60
2007:6. FiNet Open109
2007:FiNet Chess960 Rapid World Championship22
2007:Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship21
2008:CCM8 - 7. FiNet Chess960 Open108
2008:CCM8 - Livingston Chess960 Computer Wch34
2008:FiNet Chess960 Women's Rapid World Championship16

Several of the 2005 events are missing. They should be on Chess Classic Mainz 2005: all games in pgn-format, but they aren't. There is, however, an explanation of some PGN differences on that page. Chess960 PGN formats are not standardized and need special handling. I'll cover that topic in a future post.

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