20 February 2009

Inside the Marshall (Club, not Opening)

Never been inside the Marshall Chess Club in New York City? Neither have I.

Don't throw pieces at the Marshall (2:03) • 'Skittles room at the Marshall Chess Club NYC'

Is that Lizzy of LizzyKnowsAll?


The YouTube 'Embed' code now comes with a 'Customize' button. You can add a border, change colors, and delay cookies. Why would you want to delay cookies? Beats me. I read the page Enabling delayed cookies for embedded videos, and still don't understand. It's an insider thing.


Polly said...

Yes that is Lizzy. Calling that room the skittles room hardly fits the rich history of it. It's actually the the great hall. On that particular day it was serving as the skittles room for a tournament going on in the downstairs tournament room. Some tournaments are played in that room, particularly during the week. It's a wonderful space, and I actually enjoy playing up there amongst the old photos of great players who frequented the club in Marshall's day.

Robert Pearson said...

I did make it inside the Marshall once, back in 1990. It was fun to be able to say so. It is an interesting space; narrow and winding and somehow so 19th-century.