03 March 2009

Chess960 @ CCM9

2009 CCM Teaser In January, in a post on the Chess960 World Championships, I wrote, 'I'm crossing my fingers that CCM [Chess Classic Mainz], especially its chess960 events, will survive the current global economic slowdown. Are we sure to see a 2009 edition?'

There was no need to worry, since the 2009 edition had already been announced a few days earlier in 15.Weltmeister Viswanthan Anand: Fischer ist der Größte ['15th World Champion Viswanthan Anand: Fischer is the greatest']. The 'teaser' in the upper left corner of this post gives the dates: 27 July to 2 August 2009.

The page carrying the announcement is in German, but we have Google Language Tools to help with that. It looks like there's a contest for Best Chess960 Game in the works. Details will be announced 9 March, the day that Fischer would have turned 66.


Deep Mikey said...

English site for the CCM9 will follow soon! :-)

Deep Mikey said...

And, yes, there will be a contest for the Best Chess960 Game soon, where you can win very nice prizes. This will be announced soon too.