19 March 2009

Chess in Africa - What Is CACDEC?

In Chess in Africa - Today's Concerns, I mentioned CACDEC, an acronym for Committee for Assistance to Chess Developing Countries. The FIDE Handbook has a section B04: CACDEC Statutes which explains, 'The aim of the Committee shall be to promote chess in the chess developing countries.' The statutes also lists 68 CACDEC federations by level:-

  • Level 1: Federations with technical and financial needs;
  • Level 2: Federations with some technical level but with financial needs; and
  • Level 3: Federations with technical needs.

Certain advantages of CACDEC membership are mentioned in FIDE Handbook section A03: Financial Regulations.

7. Entry Fees for Participation: [in the World Team Championship, Olympiad, etc...] 7.3 The entry fees must be paid to FIDE at the time the participant (participating team) is entered for the competition. Twenty per cent (20%) of the entry fees for FIDE events (except World Individual Championship, World Cup and Olympiad) will go to the credit of the organizing federation (50% in case of CACDEC federations).

10. Invoices to Federations: [...] 10.2 CACDEC countries in level 1 and 2 will have FIDE tournaments fees, title fees, rating fees and entry fees to World events offset up to the amount of the annual membership fee.

16. Olympiad: [...] 16.5 All federations, except CACDEC members, shall pay a minimum of USD 25 per day for each official member of the team. Criteria shall be established to decide whether additional federations can be eligible for exemption.

Curious about the FIDE budget, I assembled a page on FIDE Income, Expenses, and CACDEC Expenses for 2007. It shows total FIDE expenses of EUR 1.438.515 in 2007, with CACDEC expenses of EUR 102.792.

Shortly after the recent Presidential Board Meeting 1st Quarter 2009 'approved the new structure for FIDE Commissions and Committees the details of which will be announced on the FIDE website', FIDE confirmed in Appointment of New Commission Chairmen that CACDEC would continue as a commission.

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