02 March 2009

This Post Will NOT Interest You!

Continuing with My Introduction to Blogging, I created a page to Search Archive.org for Blog Posts. Unfortunately, the pages are not necessarily in the archives.

First, the data in Archive.org is now over a year old, so a page created afterwards won't be found. Second, About.com changed the file names for blog posts in 2007-Q4. Posts archived before then would be found using the older (short, numeric) names. Posts archived afterwards would be found using the newer (long, descriptive) names. My new page searches on the long, descriptive names. A search on the short names will follow.

I warned you that it wouldn't be interesting!


Later: I added a search on the short names. There are 879 chess.about.com blog posts in the table, making it a big page. Many (most?) of the links to Archive.org return nothing, but I see no rhyme or reason why certain posts are affected and not others.

P.S. Just like this post, the page is no more interesting than it was before!

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