29 April 2010

ANRI on eBay

For the next episode of Top eBay Chess Items by Price (see Fischer - Spassky Autographs for the previous episode), I counted only 12 items out of the top 100 that actually received a bid. A 12% success rate isn't impressive and more than likely means that the top priced items are overpriced.

Three of those 12 items were ANRI chess sets, and two of those three are shown on the left. ANRI (www.anri.com) is an Italian woodcarving company located in Val Gardena, a valley in the Dolomite region of northern Italy. According to Wikipedia, 'The woodcarving industry has flourished in Gherdëina [Val Gardena in the local language] since the 17th century.'

The first set, shown in a green case, received 48 bids and sold for US$ 2321. Its description said,

You are bidding on a rare ANRI Ferrandiz chess set. This set is hand painted ANRI Toriart. The Kings are approx. 4", and the Pawns approx. 2 1/2". The characters are painted in the traditional Ferrandiz style with childlike figurines displayed in vibrant pastels and soft metallic touches. The beauty of this set is a testament to Ferrandiz’s talents and ANRI’s renowned ingenuity. It will make a fantastic gift for any ANRI or Ferrandiz collector. This set was made in Italy around 1970.

The second set, not pictured, sold 'Buy It Now' for US$ 1138.

This is an Anri Ferrandiz Toriart Chess set -- still brand new in its wooden chest -- never removed and in perfect condition! There were two versions made of this chess set: the natural unpainted set we offer here or a hand-painted version. As Carl Luckey states in his guide "The Art of Ferrandiz", the Toriart chess set is perhaps the rarest and most difficult to find.

The third set, shown in a wood case, received 8 bids and sold for US$ 710.

Up for auction is a VERY RARE ANRI WOOD CARVED FIGURAL CHESS SET. I want to say I have sold hundreds of ANRI items over the years this is the nicest item from ANRI i have ever owned. The set is a complete 32 piece set with box, trays and game board. Pieces are in great condition when I opened the box they still had tissue paper covering them. Pieces are hand carved and painted very well made great detail work.

Ebay listed more than 20 ANRI items over the two week period, most of them in the familiar Renaissance style and not made of wood.

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