26 April 2010

What's Popular, What's Not

In Apples to Apples I convinced myself to add more Ex-About.com Material from my archive of old material. What specifically should I add? Why not look at the stats on current material and see which of the active pages receive the most hits?

The first thing I discovered was that the image galleries, as a group, receive more visits than other pages. The six galleries I have today rank in order of popularity as follows.

Of the other pages, these are the 30 most visited.

The least popular pages, not counting individual pieces of multi-page series (like a Year in Review), are these.

Conclusion: Images are popular, chess politics aren't. Anything to do with improvement gets attention. Now that I've done this exercise, I'll continue with the Every Move Explained series, which had three pages in the top-30: 1844 Romantic Game, 1960 Leipzig - Letelier vs. Fischer, and 1961 Bled - Petrosian vs. Pachman.

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