19 April 2010

Apples to Apples

Vacations are a good time for unpressured reflection on one's current concerns related to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As I mentioned in Post-Vacation Roadmap, while on vacation I decided to continue with Rescued Material from About.com, which I had stopped for a few months to see if there was any real interest in it.

How to measure 'real interest'? One way is to check the stats and compare them with my other chess resources. I use Google Adsense on my pages, not so much for the little money that it brings in, but as an easy way of tracking page views.

The following table shows Adsense statistics for my chess resources for March 2010. In order to compare the stats easily, I've adjusted the stats using the most popular resource as a baseline. That means for every 1000 page views on m-w.com/chess, there were 295 on m-w.com/aboutcom, 219 on chessforallages.blogspot.com, and so forth.

The following table links to each resource and gives its full name.

I didn't expect the Ex-About.com Material to rank ahead of the Chess for All Ages Blog, but so it does. It tells me that there is some interest in those pages and that it is worth adding more from my archive of old material.

1 comment:

James Stripes said...

Popularity might be due more to how Google and other search engines function than any other factor. I've been reading your stuff on About.com longer than anywhere else, but I've always hated that site. I keep your World Championships pages bookmarked and refer to them often.