17 August 2010

'It Speaks Volumes'

Following up No News Is Normal for Chess, where I mentioned that the Chess Journalists of America (CJA) had published entries received for their 2010 awards, the group announced the winners at end-July: 2010 CJA Awards Announcement. You can find all of the winners listed there, so I'll highlight a few of what I consider to be the most notable awards.

As the only entry in the category, Dan Heisman won 'Chess Journalist of the Year', while 'Best Chess Blog Award' went to The Kenilworthian for the second time. The winner of 'CJA Best Chess Art Award', the cover of Chess Life's June 2009 issue, is pictured on the left.

I might have overlooked it in previous years, but this year's awards included a long CJA Awards Committee Report (PDF): 'Final 2010 Chess Journalists of America Awards Committee Report; Prepared by Ramon Antonio Hernandez; CJA Awards Committee Chairman and Chief Judge'

Hernandez describes himself as 'a high school journalism teacher with years of advising scholastic newspapers and yearbooks'. If you are interested in chess journalism, the committee report offers an inside look at the award process. For example,

CJA Chess Journalist of the Year (2010) Award: With one individual having entered an entry for what anyone can consider the most valuable of the prestigious awards CJA awards. I had weigh in various options, two individuals I reminded of the award told me either no thanks or paraphrasing the other, no I'd like for once that Dan Heisman wins it. Mind you he as the rest world did not know that Dan Heisman had indeed entered his name and credentials for the award. I think it speaks volumes that another individual who could have easily fueled a great competition for the entry gave such a noble reply.

For the blog category, we learn that there were runners-up.

CJA Best Chess Blog Award: This category had 6 entries submitted. After the first round there were 2 entries which tied for 2nd Place, the Co-Runner-up for the CJA Best Chess Blog Award goes to BELLE, Baczynskyj, and Bisguier in addition to Chessvine.com. While the CJA Best Chess Blog Award is presented to THE KENILWORTHIAN The entry was submitted by Michael Goeller.

I was mystified that the announcement of the winning Chess Life cover didn't include any creative details. I found the info on page 4 of that issue.

On The Cover: Garry Kasparov looking regal, as befits perhaps the greatest player of all time. Kasparov created quite a stir at the 2009 SuperNationals IV, one of the largest chess tournaments in history. Also pictured are some of the pre-tournament favorites. • Photos: Mark Mosrie; Art direction: Frankie Butler

In CJA 2007 Journalism Awards, a former chief awards judge wrote, 'I have not enjoyed the sniping of people on the internet who criticize us and even attack me personally.' Before then I hadn't realized that the journalist members of the CJA are beyond criticism, so I'll just close with a note of sincere congratulations to the winners, especially those who had some competition.

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millie said...

Wow, i had no idea that there was an award for the "best chess blog of the year." That gives me motivation to step up the content on my blog and make it look more professional. It's http://www.greenpointchess.org and while there is a lot of content on there at the moment, and I am now adding new content often, it's in a transition mode and will most likely look much different two weeks from now.
While I like the Kenilworthian, it surprises me that it won twice. There are so many good chess blogs out there!