27 August 2010

Q: Who Makes the Best Chess News Videos?

A: The guys who made this clip...

NH Chess: Wild Finale (5:34) • 'Nakamura edges out Giri in a blitz tiebreak, to win a trip to the prestigious Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament in March, 2011.'

...For more in the same series, see YouTube Channel ICCchessFM. In One more time: the NH Tournament, Chessvibes.com reports,

This year’s NH Chess Tournament was the fifth, and also the last. Five times, a team of Rising Stars played, and learnt from, Experienced grandmasters. With five times ten rounds times five games, a total of 250 games were played in Amsterdam. The final score over five years of NH Chess is 136.5-113.5 for the Rising Stars.

Only in 2009 did the 'Experience' team manage to win the overall contest.


Ryan said...

Very professional. High quality video, sound and editing. A pleasure to watch!

Macauley Peterson, ChessBase.com said...

Thanks for the kudos! I enjoy your blog, Mark.