20 August 2010

Topiary Chess at Hever Castle

'This hedge is carved in the form of a row of chess pieces. The sundial in front has nothing to do with chess.'

Topiary Chess Set © Flickr user Tim Schofield under Creative Commons.

Other remarks on the Flickr page place the set at Hever Castle [Wikipedia], Kent, England.


Later: Another Flickr photo, Tudor Chess Set - Hever castle Bridge, included a sign explaining the setting. It said,

The Tudor Chess Set • The Topiary Chess Set is formed from golden yew and is based on the style of chess pieces used in the time of King Henry VIII. It was planted in 1905 for William Waldorf Astor. Standing in front of the chess set is an armillary sphere sundial dating from 1710. This astronomical instrument was used to measure the altitude of the sun, moon, and stars, from which it was possible to estimate both time and latitude.

One thing I'm missing from the photos is a clue to the real size of the chess pieces.

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