26 April 2011

CJA 2011 Awards

In the past few years, the group Chess Journalists of America (CJA) has fallen on hard times. CJA President Jerry Hanken died in October 2009, and CJA Editor John Hillery died in September 2010. The group's quarterly magazine, The Chess Journalist, hasn't appeared since July 2010, which was the publication date for the March 2010 issue. The last time I wrote about the CJA, 'It Speaks Volumes', was for the 2010 CJA awards, when its most prestigious award, 'Chess Journalist of the Year', was presented by default after receiving only a single nomination.

The string of bad luck hasn't stopped the CJA from continuing with its annual award program, announced on the home page of its web site, Chessjournalism.org: see also 2011 Awards Program Instructions [PDF] and Award Schedule. Worth noting is that 'Journalist of the Year' will not be awarded unless at least two entries are received. For some reason, the PDF file doesn't allow copy, so here is a snapshot of the paragraph pertaining to blogs.

If you think you have a great chess blog, here's your chance to prove it.

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