01 April 2011

The Most Instructive Chess Video of All Time

'First, I just want to show you how awesome this plant is...'

Scholars Mate Preventing + How to do the move (7:21) • 'How to get checkmate in 4 moves.'

'...Don't do this if the person goes to, like, some chess camp or has, like, this chess class.'


HeinzK said...

Wow, 5 views on YouTube, but you managed to find it. I commend you for your research.

agnieszka said...

I just love it! He seems so sincere and nice. But he has stones in place of some pieces, and he has set up the board all wrong.

Mark Weeks said...

I wanted something special for April 1st and this clip was too charming to ignore. It also had 5 views when I watched it -- how is that possible?! - Mark

HeinzK said...

It's simply wonderful, this is how chess is supposed to be enjoyed - figure out a few things yourself and then share that information with others, so they can further expand on your wisdom. And then they can share their experiences with you. And it must be said he was quite good too, pointing out some tricks and possibilities. And that plant was quite awesome indeed. :) (honest!)

King and Pawn said...

My favourite is the "well loved" pieces, the bishop and pawns that have seen better days.

Brilliant video, you can see the love of the game.