15 July 2011

The Rybka Affair (on YouTube)

I'm using this clip as a followup to a recent post on my World Chess Championship Blog: The Rybka Affair.

Another Conversation with Vasik Rajlich (32:36) • 'Nelson Hernandez interviews Vasik Rajlich regarding the allegation that the (all or part) Rybka chess engine code was stolen the Fruit chess engine source.'

Rajlich appears at 4:25 into the clip.

Before we start I'd like to make a short statement about these ICGA allegations. First, I did not wrongly omit anything from our entry form, nor did I break any other tournament rules. I did not list Fruit on the entry form because there is no direct game playing Fruit code in Rybka. Rybka uses a different board representation than Fruit and uses a different structure of search routines, so this should be quite clear. Now it's true that I did take a number of things from Fruit which are above the level of source code. This is something that I discussed many times, something which is perfectly normal practice, and it's not something which is asked about on the entry form. Second, Rybka 1 was already disassembled and published back in 2006. Everything about Rybka 1 has been completely transparent for 4 1/2 years or so. [...]

Rajlich has a confrontational approach to public relations that might have played a central role in this saga of alleged plagiarism. Perhaps he should hire a publicist.


Mr. ______ said...

V. Rajlich is a man without integrity, the words he used in this interview tell the whole story, he is a cop-out. "I don't care" he is in denial, not knowing that the author of FRUIT actually made a complaint, and people in denial are always blaming others.

He doesn't know what prize money he received? Who does he think the listening audience is, a bag of earthworms?

This man is without a shred of INTEGRITY. Without integrity you are not really a being who can be discerned from a lower order if living organisms.

Mr. ______ said...

Listen to V. Rajlich's words in this interview and the psychological profile is hilarious: he is in denial, he blames others, his solution is a childlike desire to make his accusers go away, he hasn't thought about anything he has perceived to be emotionally uncomfortable,

I mean the guy is on the world stage accepting trophies and prize money and he says he doesn't know what it means when the governing body asks him to return these?

Boycott Rybka until he goes to jail and wakes up to "taking responsibility shoulders integrity"

Rajlich is a JOKE

Mark Weeks said...

Mr. Underscores: Re 'boycott Rybka until [Rajlich] goes to jail', plagiarism is a civil, not a criminal, offense. His accusers might claim damages, but dollars to donuts says it doesn't get that far. If it does, the settlement might be worth a few donuts. Only the lawyers will do well. - Mark

tanch said...

What Rajlich says is beneath the pale.

He and his houndogs have no problems in chasing after clones (anyone remember Strelka?) but it seems he has a separate rule for himself.