18 March 2012

Another Alekhine Manuscript

The item for the next edition of Top eBay Chess Items by Price, pictured below, isn't visually exciting, but does have some historical importance. Its title was 'Aljechin (Alekhine) handwritten manuscript'. It received 15 bids from 5 bidders, finally selling for US $1475.

I've already mentioned an Alekhine manuscript in BCM, Aljechin, Lord of the Rings, Fattorini, and a Pretty Face. This current example had more material and sold for more. The description said,

A. Aljechin (Alekhine) manuscript, consisting of the original carbon copies, 98 handwritten paper slips. Titled: "La valeur théorique de mon match avec Bogoljuboff", and signed "Aljechin,?? ; 19??" place and date on the last slip (numbered 59/115) almost illegible.

with details on the organization and structure of the paper slips. A substantial portion of the manuscript was missing.

It isn't clear which Bogolyubov match the fourth World Champion was writing about, although I assume it can be worked out from the material on offer. There are several web references to another Alekhine publication, 'La valeur théorique du Tournoi de Baden Baden (1925)', most notably in 4431. Books by Alekhine on Chesshistory.com (June 2006).

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