11 March 2012

Blog Business

It's the time of year again for Spring Cleaning on Blogs. Starting with '64 Blogs' on my reading list, I checked that each one was still active and (for the record) removed the following:-

There are a few other blogs that haven't been updated since September last year, but I'll keep those for now. After adding new blogs that have been on my radar since the last update, I ended up with '66 Blogs', according to Blogger.com's count. The current list of blog feeds is behind my profile.


Following up my post on Blog Carnivals Continue, see The Best Of! Chess Blogging, Part I: Openings and Best of Chess Blogging, Part II!. More to come?


Hank Anzis said...

Mark, I consider it high praise to have you following my blog. Hope you find it worth your time.

Best regards,
Hank Anzis

Robert Pearson said...

Thanks much for the links, Mark. Yes there will be a Part III and it will included your posts and much other outstanding work.