19 March 2012

Been There, Done That with Chess Informant CDs

Next on the list for Been There, Done That was an About.com blog post titled 'The Third Best Player of All Time?'. The Wayback Machine misplaced many of those old posts and this is one of them. I'm almost certain that my candidates for third best were Capablanca and Karpov, but that wasn't the point of the post. It was to introduce my review of a Chess Informant CD:-

While converting that review, I encountered references to reviews of two other CI products, which I converted at the same time:-

Reviewing CI products can be frustrating. The chess material is outstanding, but technically they are never quite as good as they could be. For the first review (Chess Combinations) I gave the CD four stars out of five, then the next two products lost a half-star on each review. Whatever the merits of the CDs -- or of my reviews -- I added all three to my page on Improve Your Chess Game.

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