16 July 2012

Been There with Al Horowitz

Continuing with Now, Where Was I?, I did a similar exercise for converting my About.com material, previously outlined in Been There, But Haven't Done That. First I took note of where I'd left off before vacation...

...Then I looked at the remaining projects in Haven't Done That. The next few projects fall into two categories: game viewers & glossary. After wondering if there was any real interest in the game viewers, I checked my stats for the two sets of conversions that I had already done:-

Although the counts for individual games were nothing to boast about, the totals over all games were encouraging, especially for the traps. While looking at the numbers I noticed that there was a third set of games that weren't linked from anything else:-

A little more snooping revealed that this was the same I.A.Horowitz project scheduled next for Haven't Done That, already converted more than three years ago and recorded in Opening Repertoire : Example Games on this blog. For some reason, I had never included it in my index pages. I added it to Learn to Play Chess, along with a related article.

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