08 July 2012

Capablanca Signs His Feet

Vacation continues and, as in 'Sand Is Included', about the only thing I've had time to work on is Top eBay Chess Items by Price. Of the items I had to choose from, the most unusual was 'Cleveland Public Library Chess Collection Catalog - 2 volumes' (dated 1964), which sold for US $1,200. Unfortunately, the associated image was completely uninspiring, especially to someone with a vacation mindset.

I chose instead an item titled '1935 Original SIGNED Photo Capablanca Chess Champion player visit CUBAN CLUB', pictured below. Originally listed for '$1800.00 or Best Offer', it sold for US $800, which I imagine was 'Best Offer'.

The description added,

Genuine 1935 photo of the Cuban world master Capablanca signed dedicated in La Habana Cuba. One [On?] visit to the Cuban chess club. Note on the photo is present also a frame of Capablanca on the wall playing chess. Great photo! Unique piece and extremely rare. Size 5 x 7 inches. Gelantin silver. Excellent condition. A very rare piece and unique, from a private collection of photos about Capablanca.

Capablanca is seated center. The start of his signature is located on his feet.


Later: The same photo appeared on Edward Winter's Chesshistory.com: 7727. Capablanca photograph (the link points to '7726. Botvinnik and the musicians', so just scroll down; that's the way Winter's links work), with a request for more information.

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