27 July 2012

Chess in Chinatown

The last episode of Video Friday was India Loves Anand, almost two months ago. Since catching up this gap would take far more time than it's worth, I looked at clips made available over the past two weeks only.

BBC News - How to raise a chess champion (4:30) • 'With age comes wisdom, the saying goes, but at an elementary school in New York's Chinatown the children are wise beyond their years when it comes to playing chess.'

The clip's description continued,

In 2011, Public School 124 took its students to compete in the second highest category at a national high school chess competition - and won. [...] The BBC's Franz Strasser visited the 'Panda Pawns' - the name for the school chess club - in New York and followed the students to this year's National Championships in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are lots of great quotes in the video, for example: 'If you walk through the hallways, you'll see that the trophies are not sports related, but they're all straight from chess', and 'We have very strong, competitive students who are backed by strong, competitive parents, who really believe that chess is good for them'. Who can argue with that?

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