06 September 2012

A Contest With No Prize

Here's a game I just made up when I realized I had no time for a meatier post. The following image is a screen shot of page two from a Google image search on 'chess' plus one other word.

What is the other word?


Tom Chivers said...

This is harder than chess. Hundreds of wrong answers, still no clue.

Mark Weeks said...

Here's a hint. 'The Queen's Gambit' is a well known piece of chess fiction by an author who was better known for another work about a game. What was the title of the other work? - Mark

Tom Chivers said...

David Copperfield?

Mark Weeks said...

No, but as long as we're discussing illusionists, maybe we can scrape up enough cash to have him make FIDE disappear.

Think Paul Newman as Fast Eddie. - Mark