11 September 2012

Quote Capablanca Unquote

While looking for a certain Capablanca game, I happened to find one of the posts in a series from this blog, Index to Capablanca's Games 'To be studied very carefully'. In fact, it was one of the earliest series I did, written during the first year of this blog. While I thought that, despite the passage of time, the post held up well enough, I was annoyed with the quoting style I used at that time. This was to embed Capablanca's remarks in the main paragraph, rather than set them apart in a block quote. That embedding technique makes for long paragraphs, which are difficult to parse visually on a computer screen.

I checked my stats and discovered that these old posts get a fair number of visits. There's no reason why they should be difficult to read, especially since the subject matter -- the discussion of a single chess position -- is already daunting. I went through the list of Capablanca's games and improved the quoting. I'll do the same for other early series as soon as I can.

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