21 July 2013

Lost in Translation

For this ongoing series on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, chess paintings are always on a short list of favorite items. After the previous post, Chess with Cherubs, which also featured a painting, this current post is for an item titled 'Chess Game Exquisite Antique Genre Painting by R Moretti (Italian, 19th Century)'. It sold for GBP 620.00 ('approximately US $946.06') after receiving 32 bids from 10 bidders.

The description said,

'A Double Game', original watercolour painting by R. Moretti (Italian, 19th Century)
  • Signed lower left and inscribed 'Roma'
  • Similar watercolours listed to $3,742 USD at auction.
  • Painting - 38cm (15") x 56cm (22")
  • Frame - 57cm (22 1/2") x 74cm (29")
Lot Notes: An extremely fine 19th century Italian watercolour painting depicting a rich interior genre scene with a cardinal playing chess by highly regarded Italian genre painter R. Moretti. The painting is one of the very finest recorded examples of this artist's work, every aspect is exquisitely rendered. The painting is signed 'R. Moretti' and inscribed 'Roma' lower left. Moretti's work realises many thousands of pounds at auction.

I still haven't figured out why the painting is called 'A Double Game'. It was written on the frame (not shown). What was the original title in Italian?

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