26 July 2013

Tudors Play Chess

Tudors at Kentwell Hall © Flickr user Roger Andrews under Creative Commons.

From Wikipedia, Kentwell Hall:

Kentwell Hall is a stately home in Long Melford, Suffolk, England. It includes the hall, outbuildings, and a rare breeds farm and gardens. Most of the current building facade dates from the mid 16th century, but the origins of Kentwell are much earlier, with references in the Domesday Book of 1086. [...]

Since 1979, Kentwell Hall has presented Tudor period re-enactment events, portraying scenes of domestic Tudor life. The re-enactments involve up to 350 fully costumed volunteers on any given day and span a three-week period in June and July each year, with smaller events during the rest of the year.

The Tudor period covered the 16th century, while the Staunton pieces shown in the photo date from the 19th century. What sort of set would the real Tudors have used?

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