14 July 2013

Thus Spake Spraggett

Truth be told, the link I was trying to update that eventually led to last week's post Google Is Big Brother, was for 'Canada's Top Chess Website', aka Spraggett on Chess (that's the new link). The old blog disappeared at the end of May for reasons the Canadian GM explained in Letter from GM Kevin Spraggett:-

Yesterday Blogger closed down my popular blog for reasons that Blogger itself knows. I was informed only after the fact that my blog contained 'malicious javascript' and that the powers-that-be deemed this sufficient cause to close a blog that had millions of page views over the past 4 years.

The old blog lives on at Archive.org (kevinspraggett.blogspot.com), and the new blog currently has archives stretching back to September 2009. Will this be extended back to the original blog's oldest archives in 2007? Only Spraggett knows for sure.

I trust that page views recover to the level of the old blog as the blog's readers discover the new address. There's an additional bonus for all who do: comments are now enabled!

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