09 September 2013

In a Class by Himself

Now that I've closed the book on The Carlsen Saga, at least temporarily, what's next? With two months remaining before the start of the 2013 Anand - Carlsen World Championship match, it's only fitting that I spend some time on the reigning World Champion, GM Viswanathan Anand. I left Anand, also known as 'Vishy' to his colleagues, off yesterday's look at Top Indian Players, because the Tiger from Madras is in a class by himself and deserves special treatment.

Last year, as part of my About to Tripod project, I revived my page on Anand's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (1983-), and recorded the milestone in Anand's TMER. The TMER page is currently flagged 'Last updated 2004-06-05', so it's high time to bring it up to date.

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