13 September 2013

Kramnik on His World Cup Victory

The two previous Video Friday clips -- 2013 World Cup, Tromsø, Norway and Armageddon Action -- were both about the recently concluded World Championship qualifier in Norway, so let's have one last clip featuring the winner.

Casual chat with Vladimir Kramnik (4:55) • '2013 World Cup Champion Vladimir Kramnik sat down for a casual chat after winning the title in Tromsø - Part 1. Tromsø.'

Q: [Susan Polgar] 'What's the biggest diference psychologically to play a knockout tournament versus a regular tournament?' A: [GM Kramnik] 'There are a lot of differences. It's not only psychological. Chesswise you play differently. I personally prefer regular tournaments, because there is more chess content. You can be more free. You can risk a lot. Because the tournament is long you can lose one game and still win games. Here you lose one game, most often it means you're out. As far as I remember previous World Cups, the people who were winning it, most of the times they were not losing a single game.'

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