01 September 2013

Spielmann, Rubinstein, Alekhine with wife, Bogoljubow, Selesnieff

For this edition of the ongoing series on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, I could have taken the easy way out and gone for a chess autograph. There were at least four to choose from:-

  • Dinner Menu from Palma 1970 signed by Bobby Fischer and Bent Larsen • Winning bid: US $560.00 [14 bids]
  • 2004 World Chess championship Leko / Kramnik signed set • Winning bid: US $902.54 [46 bids]
  • Chess J. R. Capablanca signed and Salo Flohr signed, joint simul Prague 1935 • Winning bid: US $999.00 [1 bid]
  • Bobby Fischer signed check and Fischer - Spassky 1992 signed item. • Sold for: US $1,000.00 [1 bid]

Instead I chose to try improving a photograph. The top image below shows the original from an auction titled 'Rare photograph Triberg Schwarzwald Germany 1920s'. It sold for US $633 after receiving 11 bids from three bidders. The bottom image shows my attempt at improving it.

The description added,

Spielmann playing Rubinstein; Aljechin with wife sitting; standing Bogoljubow left and Selesnieff right; Note lower righthand corner "Atelier Carle Triberg"; 9 x 14 cm; very good.

At least I got the tablecloth to be whiter.

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