14 October 2014

Geopolitical Yahoos

Right up there with 'World's largest cave', 'State bans plastic bags', and 'Son finds dad's Corvette' -- Seen on Yahoo!...

Kasparov: Putin is 'the most dangerous man' in the world
and a bigger threat to the U.S. than the Islamic State

Putin dismisses critic Kasparov's political skills

Noteworthy Kasparov remarks included a twist on the 'A is playing checkers while B is playing chess' cliché:-

Kasparov believes that Putin is calling the world's bluff. "He is playing poker while everyone else is playing chess."

There was also a generous serving of Garry's favorite food, sour grapes:-

Just last month Kasparov lost his bid for the presidency of the International Chess Federation, to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a controversial billionaire who had ties to Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi and Bashar Assad. [...] "Of course it was", Kasparov answered when asked if the election was rigged.

The Kasparov interview garnered more than 4100 comments, which seem to run about two-thirds against the 13th World Champion. Here are a few comments that actually mention chess:-

He is willing to say anything and everything to slander Putin. I would say it is a waste his talent and effort. He used to be a good chess player.

America certainly doesn't need anybody else duping or influences us into accomplishing their war agendas like chess pawns.

Yes, Mr. K. Chess players DO abide by set rules. WORLD players do not. They make the rules as they go along.

Kasparov used to be a good chess player... Big money changed his game.

Just because you can play chess well does not mean you can understand international politics. Obviously Kasparov thinks he's the smartest guy in the room because he has figured out a board game. He's taking the image of politics being a "chess game" far too literally.

Did I say, 'two-thirds against the 13th World Champion'? On second reading it looks more like nine-tenths against. As for Putin, he complimented his chess-playing adversary:-

He's not made a very good politician, but he's a great chess player.

Of the more than 800 comments to Putin's remarks, they were more favorable to Kasparov. For example:-

Kasparov understands strategy. His experience playing chess has introduced him to every possible move that one person can do to gain power. Putin does not move without a plan, a strategy to gain and hold on to more power.

Putin made sure that Kasparov did not become President of FIDE, the international chess federation. He put in a nutty supporter of his by influencing the voting delegates probably by giving bribes.

You don't get to be the chess champion of the world for as many years as Kasparov was without having an amazing brain! Putin knows this. This is why he attacks Kasparov personally hoping that by doing so he will sway public opinion.

Kasparov is Putin's gadfly. If Putin thought Kasparov was inconsequential he wouldn't swat at him. Putin slams the rest of the world leaders at political chess. Kasparov is the only real challenger in his league.

So why doesn't Putin the Magnificent challenge him to a chess match? Putin has won every single contest in his life. Just ask him.

I agree with the person who said, 'Its a no brainer. Of course Putin is more dangerous to U.S. than IS; Russia has thousands more nuclear weapons than IS.' It's not at all clear that Kasparov's diplomatic skills are better developed than his political skills. • Previously Seen on Yahoo!: Alice and 'The Cat in the Hat'.

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