10 October 2014

Scholastic Chess in Brownsville TX

Titled: 'Knight and Day'; featuring Rusty Harwood and J.J. Guajardo of Brownsville, Texas.

Valley Chess [Texas Country Reporter] (4:12) • 'Chess is more popular and competitive in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas than almost anywhere else in the country. Find out what the game means to this community.'

Harwood is Chess Program Director at The University of Texas at Brownsville [UTB]. At about 3:05 into the video we learn,

J.J. [Guajardo] coached the very first chess teams from this area at Russell Elementary [Brownsville] in the 1990s. His kids racked up seven state titles in a row and the rest of the valley took notice. Now organized scholastic chess has spread to every corner of the school system. For all intents and purposes, J.J. is its founding father.

The clip is full of sound bites like 'The most important part of the game is what happens off the board.'

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