02 October 2014

October 1964 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago, was there a dearth of topics for monthly chess magazines? Just like last month's September 1964 'On the Cover', this month's edition seems to repeat two previous themes. The Benko connection is clear enough, and Poland was also the venue for the World Student Team Championship. Then again, Zgorzelec - Google Maps shows the 'town in south-western Poland with 32,322 inhabitants (2012)' to be at least 250 km from Krakow, the site of the team championship.

Left: 'Chess for Giants'
Right: 'U.S. Open Champ'

Chess Life

Chess strategy on a large scale is the order of the day in the Park of Culture in Zgorzelec, Poland. (This month's cover by EASTFOTO)

Chess Review

Grandmaster Pal Benko of New York won the United States Open Champion [sic], held by the USCF in Boston this year, scoring 10 1/2 to 1 1/2 (no losses, three draws) in the twelve-round Swiss System with a record 238 contenders.

For more giant public chess boards, see Chess Sightseeing.

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