05 May 2015

May 1965 'On the Cover'

For the fourth time since the beginning of 1965, the first National Open was featured on the cover of a monthly chess magazine: see 'On the Cover' for January 1965, February 1965, and April 1965. The Chess Life cover also featured a repeat theme; last year we saw the U.S. Open, Boston, for the July 1964 'On the Cover'.

Left: 'A Caribbean Chess Holiday!'
Right: 'Fun Chess'

Chess Life

1965 U.S. Open Chess Championship; Director: IM George Koltanowski; Playing site: Students Center, U. of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chess Review

Emma Walker has just thrown a Bishop and an Options symbol; and, strangely enough, everyone looks pleased. Fun Chess was tried at the Stardust during the National Open. Others on cover (left to right): Herman Estrada, Art Gamlin, Joanne Estrada, and Meryl Gamlin. At Vegas Fun Chess dice and rules are packaged by the Nevada Dice Co. in an attractive plastic case. [Rules...]

The thing Emma Walker is holding in her left hand is called a 'dice cage'. I probably should know what game it's normally used for, but I don't.

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