03 May 2015

Another Capodimonte Figurine

Here on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, the name 'Capodimonte' has already been seen once before, in Capodimonte Figurines (September 2011). Although I had other items on the short list for this current post, I decided to use Capodimonte again, because the style of the current figurine was so different.

Titled 'Capodimonte Sculpture The Chess Players by Luciano Cazzola, Made in Italy', the piece pictured below was originally listed for US $599.99. It sold for around $475, 'Best offer accepted'

In contrast to The Anonymous Artist, the item featured in my previous post for the 'Top eBay Items' series, the description here carried detailed info about the artist.

For sale is a genuine porcelain Capodimonte figurine, called "The Chess Players", made by a famous Italian artist named Luciano Cazzola. It is in excellent condition, free of any chips, cracks and/or repairs.

About the artist, born in Venice, orphaned at 10 yrs old, and raised in a religious school after that. In his 20s, his talents blossomed as he showed a keen interest in the art form known as Capodimonte porcelain. Capodimonte figures show intricate detailed craftsmanship, of extremely high quality and uniqueness, which to this day is desired worldwide. Many pieces take years to develop. He teamed up with a famous painter, Sergio Traforetti, and a few years later with designer, Lino Gobbi, and in 1980, they formed Porcellane Principe.

I wrote to their company and received correspondence back from Sergio Traforetti, confirming that this piece is indeed one sculpted by Luciano Cazzola and hand painted by Mr. Traforetti, and that it would sell between $1,300 and $1,600 in USD. This may very well be the only one in the United States, and few around the world.

The Capodimonte art form dates back centuries in age. The name Capodimonte, means "top of the mountain", appropriate since the first pieces were produced in a hilltop factory established by King Charles VII, back around 1759.

The sculpture is 16" long by 12" deep and 10-1/2" tall.

Cazzola's most famous piece appears to be Capodimonte Last Supper Statue in Porcelain by Luciano Cazzola (marianland.com), which currently sells for $14.675. That makes the chess piece a real bargain.

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