18 October 2015

Chess Curriculum - FIDE I

After Chess Curriculum - Susan Polgar, the next candidate to be reviewed in Chess Curriculum Inventory (June 2015) is the FIDE Chess Curriculum.

That initial post on the FIDE program offered a couple of Fide.com links to find the FIDE material and listed two resources by Dr. Olgun Kulac. Since then the FIDE material has expanded. Along with the logo shown on the left, the FIDE CIS commission has reorganized its recommendations into Class Materials and Work Books.

We have been assembling a set of royalty-free materials that can be used for teaching chess in class (and pre-school). [...] We have now reorganized the access to them to make it much easier for you to find the material and to download it.

The material is organized by age category -- 4-6 (available in the autumn), 6-7, 7-9, and 9+ -- where the Kulac documents fall in the age 7-9 category. Although planning to review the Kulac material for this post, I was sidetracked by the new documents. Here are the new titles in the same format I used for the 'Inventory' post.

Age 6-7: Chess: The First Year of Study • Elvira Umanskaja, Ekaterina Volkova • 117 pages • wc_book-en.pdf --and-- Chess: The First Year of Study - Workbook • [same authors listed in Russian] • 29 pages • wc_workbook-en.pdf

Age 9+: Welcome to Planet Chess! • [no author mentioned] • 52 pages • planet_chess_en_2014.pdf

I'll come back to these documents for my next post in this series.

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