01 October 2015

October 1965 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago the 1965 Capablanca Memorial was featured on the cover of both major American chess magazines. The event has already been pictured in the September 1965 'On the Cover' for Chess Life.

Left: 'IVth Capablanca Memorial'
Right: 'Teletype Tourneyist'

Chess Life

Former World Champion Vassily Smyslov won the Capablanca Memorial tournament in Havana, finishing a half-point ahead of Borislav Ivkov, Ewfim Geller, and U.S. Champion Robert Fischer.

The six page CL article was mostly game scores and photos, plus two games lightly annotated by Fischer.

Chess Review

Robert J. Fischer shows a fierce intensity as he makes a move to be forwarded via teletype to his opponent in the Capablanca Memorial tournament in Havana. He played from the Marshall Chess Club in New York.

CR noted, 'A four or five hour game takes eight or nine hours over teletype', and quoted Fischer from an interview, 'It's a question of how soon I'll crack up'.

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