29 October 2015

Some Numbers for 'Pawn Sacrifice'

The movie 'Pawn Sacrifice' -- some folks call it a 'biopic' -- has been out for over a month now. How is it doing at the box office?

Source: boxofficemojo.com/movies/id=pawnsacrifice

Let's do some guesstimates: domestic gross $2.410.166 at $10 per ticket gives around 240.000 keen chess players in the USA. (Who else would want to see it at the first opportunity? Perhaps their significant others, but that cancels out the players who haven't seen it yet.) So far I've featured the film in one post...

...while the Jim West On Chess blog has been somewhat more active in following its progress:-

I count 32 JWOC posts -- the number of pieces at the start of a chess game -- although I might have missed a few posts. If you want more reviews, see Pawn Sacrifice - Movie Reviews on RottenTomatoes.com; they give the move a 71% fresh rating. Can't sniff at that!

[Disclaimer: Living in Belgium, I haven't seen the flick yet. Which European TV channel will air it first? I might have to wait until it turns up on Netflix.]

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