10 March 2016

Fischer Wirephotos II

By a coincidence that wasn't planned, I posted Fischer Wirephotos I the day before Fischer's 73rd birthday and this post falls the day after.

The first row on this composite image is the same as the last row on 'Wirephotos I'. The first new photo here (second row, first image) shows Fischer arriving for the 14th game of the 1972 match with Spassky. The last image in the last row was publicity for Fischer's appearance on the Merv Griffin show in December 1972.

At the time I assembled the composite image I didn't notice the duplicate photos of Fischer with Mayor John Lindsay (flanking the four Bob Hope photos). The original was taken on 22 September for New York City's 'Bobby Fischer Day' and made available for end-1972 retrospectives.

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