21 March 2016

PGN Files for Book Reviews

In a recent post I created a PGN Download Directory for storing some of the PGN files I've created through the years. Which files should I add to it?

First I looked at the book reviews indexed in Chess Product Reviews (May 2009) of which there are nearly 50, mainly from the years 2004-2008. Of the reviews that have a corresponding PGN file, about a dozen were for opening books with titles like 'Beating the Unorthodox Repertoire Explained'. I don't know how much value these books have ten years after they were written, but it can't be high. I'll skip those for now.

Three titles still looked to be as interesting today as they were when I reviewed them. Here are links to the corresponding reviews along with the introductory blurb.

  • Test Your Chess • Book review of 'Test Your Chess with Daniel King'. Match wits with the world's greatest players of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

  • Najdorf: Life and Games • Book review of 'Najdorf: Life and Games' by Tomasz Lissowski, Adrian Mikhalchishin and Miguel Najdorf. 'Miguel Najdorf’s chess career spanned more than six decades. It included two World Championship Candidates tournaments and 15 Olympiads -- where he represented his native Poland and later Argentina' [from the back cover]

  • Chess for Tigers • Book review of 'Chess for Tigers' by Simon Webb.

I'll come back to these files in future posts.

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