18 August 2016

Site Available Again

It's been a week since my previous post on this blog, Site Unavailable, where I noted,

I'm suspending new posts until the [m-w.com] site is available again. Apologies for the interruption!

I tracked the downtime of the site on my World Chess Championship blog, where yesterday's post, Site Migration II, announced,

In the last day or so traffic has returned to pre-migration levels, meaning that the site was out of service for nearly a week.

Since I use the site to store blog support material like images and downloads, being out of service means not having images. Blog posts looked like this...

...After the site came back, most of the images were available again, except for the one used in the post pictured above. It turned out that the files migrated for the site were copied a day or two before the migration took place, meaning that newer files were not available. Reloading those files required a working File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which took another couple of days to work properly, because my account's disk space limits had not been initialized correctly.

Fortunately, the bulk change I did for Going Mobile : Responsive Ads was included in the migration, so I didn't have to reload those files, which numbered nearly 400. Essential services appear to be working and I'll resume normal blogging tomorrow. The migration was a botch from start to finish.


Later: When I posted this, I noticed that someone had '+1'ed the Site Unavailable post. Are they trying to tell me something?

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