26 August 2016

Chess with Walkie-Talkies

When was the last time you needed a drone to see the whole chess board?

Chess pieces are substituted by tractors in Spain (2:46) • 'In the small town of Hinojosa in the centre of Spain, 32 chess pieces took their position to begin the game on Saturday, August 20. But this time the figures were replaced by heavy agronomy machinery.'

The description continued,

This is the second time the inhabitants of Hinojosa have celebrated the event. Organisers say the chess game is an opportunity to vindicate agricultural labour and a call for youngsters to move to the countryside. Local farmer, Andres Lazaro, said the game also pays tribute to the effort of those who stay in the town to work the land. The tractors moved over a 25,000 square metres board sketched in the land. The game was played by two young adults on a regular chess board, but the players used a walkie talkie to give orders to move the tractors over the land.

Kasparov and Timman once played a game using forklifts, but this goes one step further.

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