09 August 2016


Last summer, a little more than a year ago, the U.S. Chess Federation (known then as the 'USCF') changed its name and its logo. The group explained the name change in the August 2015 issue of Chess Life (p.12-13) and in A New Direction for US Chess (uschess.org),

One of the most important aspects of our new identity is the change from calling ourselves USCF to US Chess. Over the years, our organization has been known by many names including the United States Chess Federation, the USCF, US Chess, and the United States of America Chess Federation. Moving forward, while our corporate name, the United States Chess Federation, will remain the same, we will refer to ourselves as the US Chess Federation or US Chess for short.

The logo change is shown in the following image.

Following their lead, I changed my relevant blog label (aka tag) from 'USCF' to 'USCHESS'. Not only does it reflect the federation's choice, it also makes it easier to label general USA posts like the recent Strong American Chess Tournaments (August 2016). For more qbout the U.S. federation, see Happy Anniversary, Chess Federations! (January 2014).

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