23 January 2018

ACP Top Tournaments 2017

Feeling under the weather? Looking for an easy subject that doesn't require any deep thought? That's me today, so I was happy to find the results of the latest poll by the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP).

Our Tournament of the Year 2017 poll, which this year has been anticipated to the earliest part of the year in order to make it even more relevant, saw quite a few tight races for the best tournament in several categories.

After listing top tournaments in specific categories like 'Round-Robin' and 'Official [FIDE] Events', the ACP gave combined results.

The Overall Best category, perhaps the most important one, saw our members’ preference for open tournaments. First was the Tradewise Gibraltar and second was Chess.com Isle of Man International. Third and fourth were the preferred Round-Robins Sinquefield Cup and Tata Steel Chess, with a rather peculiar swap in places between these two excellent events.

Here are the top-10 tournaments in the combined category.

Tournament of the Year 2017 Results

Three 2017 Gand Prix events were among the four lowest ranked tournaments overall. Is the ACP trying to tell FIDE something? For the previous ACP survey on this blog, see ACP Survey 2016 - Results (April 2016).

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